They offer graduated payment loans, which are five plans consisting of payments increases over a spread of time. They are constantly changing, so we have not listed the plans here.

They offer GEM loans, which are Growing Equity Mortgage Loans. These loans increase their payment amounts over a spread of time, and these increases are applied directly to the principal. Therefore, you end up paying off your mortgage sooner than you would on a traditional mortgage loan, and you pay less interest.

The FHA also provides VA loans, which are loans for veterans. They must have had 90 days to two years of active duty prior to application.

The FHA also offers mortgage loans that are specialized for service Members (Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and for Investors. Investor loans will be talked about later.

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Reference text: Mortgage Loans: What’s Right for You?, by James E. Bridges with Deborah J. Bridges. Copyright 1989, Published by Betterway Publications, Inc., Crozet, VA